Banana Pi

The BPI open source computer product line contains boards of all different powers and functions. The boards can run Linux and Android, making them perfect for DIY projects.

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The engineers at BPI are excited to be working on the latest Internet of Things project. We are making open source connected devices that any one can use to automate their home.

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We are a consumer tech company that design and manufacture banana pi boards and IoT devices. We can also cater to specific needs and build boards to meet your specifications.

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Customized Service

We offer wholesale prices for  Banana Pi  and its  accessories. In addition, we provide technical supports on Banana Pi hardware and software to help you to accomplish your projects and products.

We are the team behind Banana Pi, and are capable of adding or removing components from Banana Pi hardware and software to meet your specific requirements. We can  help you to research, prototype, build, manufacturer and ship production quality devices to the mass.

To better serve corporate customers, we offer a complete package including the Banana Pi board, the case, the power adapter with micro USB cable, 4G/8G/16G half-size SD card, and custom logo printing service. The lead time is only a couple of weeks.

We have a team in Silicon Valley to help USA customers.

If you need a quote for the pricing, or have any questions, or want to share with us your wonderful ideas on using Banana Pi, please feel free to contact us at

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